It’s very simple!

Just insert the black USER key. 

If the key was previously paired with the lock, the green LED will light up and a manual key rotation will be allowed.

User key and E-PRL lock

Download key


In case of Access Control enabled, the light blue DOWNLOAD key lets you download the access history. 

Then it could be displayed on PC screen using the soft ware GSN-KEY.


To program it you have to use the red MASTER key, which will allow you to pair one or more User keys.

The Master key also enables on the same lock one or more features such as Unique code or Multi-Code, and possibly Access Control.

Master key


Facilità di installazione.
Autorizzazione di tutte le chiavi tramite l'acquisizione di una sola.


Gestione di diversi livelli gerarchici di autorizzazioni.


Permette di trasferire e visualizzare su PC gli eventi di accesso tramite chiave Download oppure chiave User Bluetooth.

The Unique Code feature allows the programming of the lock with only one code by pairing only one key.

All other keys having the same code will be automatically enabled to open the lock.


The LOCK is programmed with one MASTER key and only one USER key having the code that will be used on the field.


All the USER keys on the field with the same code used during the programming procedure will be able to open the LOCK.

The Multi-code feature allows you to pair each individual lock with different keys with different codes (up to 300).

This allows the management of SEVERAL HIERARCHICAL PERMISSION LEVELS, letting some keys open multiple locks where also other keys have been paired.

The following table lists the LOCKS installed on the access doors of each room and the users that areenabled to access with their USER key.

For example, with the realized configuration, clerks will be able to access the executive office only in the presence of the branch manager and the maintenance operator will be able to access the technical room only if another user will provide access to the office room.

Access control allows you to display each of the opening operations on the locks.


The acquisition of the information is done through the light blue DOWNLOAD key.

Once the pairing procedure has been completed, the key allows the downloading in its memory of the events stored in the LOCK.


Connecting the DOWNLOAD key to the Pod provided with the ACCESS CONTROL KIT, it’s possible to download the events onto a PC using the GSN-KEY software. 

The information tab can then be displayed, filtered, and printed as easy to read reports.


Using a special Bluetooth USER key with an Internet-enabled smartphone it’s possible to retrieve automatically the access history from the LOCKS via the Internet. 

It is also possible to remotely set access time limits to the locks already paired to each key.

Working diagram – Access control with Bluetooth User key